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      Lights, camera, action! Last week, Medialook, a leading videographer specialising in the aesthetics and healthcare industry, was thrilled to partner with Sinclair, a global medical aesthetics powerhouse, at the Professional Beauty London trade show (March 3-4, 2024). Our mission? To capture the energy of the event and showcase Sinclair’s innovative product range through captivating videography and photography.

      Bringing the Booth to Life

      The bustling atmosphere of Excel London buzzed with over 300 beauty, healthcare, and aesthetics brands vying for attention. Sinclair, known for their premium injectables (MaiLi, Ellansé, Lanluma) and cutting-edge energy devices (Sculpt&Shape, Elysion Pro, Primelase), needed a way to stand out.

      A Multi-Faceted Approach

      Medialook deployed a comprehensive strategy, utilising a Canon C70 video camera for stunning 4K highlights (perfect for websites, press releases, and LinkedIn). Additionally, a vertical version was created specifically for social media engagement on Instagram Reels, Stories, Facebook Reels, and TikTok.

      Setting the Stage

      Arriving early for a seamless setup, Medialook captured captivating photographs of the Sinclair booth before the crowds arrived. A time-lapse video then documented the venue’s transformation as it filled with eager attendees – a key element trade show videos crave.

      Expert Insights

      The heart of the video featured interviews with Sinclair’s product experts. Kelly Harding, Sinclair’s National Sales and Clinical Manager, provided an insightful introduction to Sinclair’s presence at the show and their showcased devices. Her engaging outro encouraged visitors to explore Sinclair’s website for further information.

      Beyond the Interview

      Medialook diversified the content by filming a product demonstration in slow motion, adding a touch of cinematic flair and stabilising the footage. High-resolution photographs were also captured with the Canon R5 camera, perfect for print, presentations, and various social media formats, offering Sinclair maximum value and versatility.

      Capturing the Atmosphere

      B-roll footage was essential in conveying the trade show’s vibrant atmosphere. From attendees interacting with Sinclair’s products to product experts answering questions, these visuals brought the experience to life.

      Diverse Perspectives

      To showcase a multi-faceted approach, interviews with Nisha Aswani, Sinclair’s Aesthetic Account Manager, and Helen Quayle, a successful entrepreneur and KOL, were filmed. Nisha shared her positive experience with the Sculpt&Shape treatment, emphasising its instant results and minimal downtime. Helen, a Sinclair customer who relies on their devices in her LaserHQ clinics, provided a powerful video testimonial, highlighting the products’ reliability and performance.

      A Successful Collaboration

      Following a full day of capturing compelling content, Medialook swiftly edited the photos, ensuring Sinclair could leverage them promptly for marketing activities. The “Sinclair at Professional Beauty London” trade show video highlights were completed within two days and met with enthusiastic approval from the Sinclair team.

      Building Relationships

      Positive feedback like “Oh I love it!” and “LOVE the video and great photos too” solidified the success of the project. Medialook is proud to have partnered with Sinclair and looks forward to collaborating again at the upcoming Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition on March 15th at the Business Design Centre in London.

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